Ghost in the Browser: Backdooring with Shadow Workers

Unrelated to Cloudflare directly, but a presentation that may interest some:

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Monsters in the Middleboxes: Building Tools for Detecting HTTPS Interception

Presentation by Cloudflare’s Gabriele Fisher and Luke Valenta


Nice. I was wondering why the values for Windows OS were relatively better than, e.g. Linux & MacOS, until I read this:

The percentages in this table are relative to the total count of connections with identified HTTPS interception software. Because our set of fingerprints corresponding to MITM software is likely outdated, our rate of detection for proxy and antivirus HTTPS interceptors is an underestimate. If you’re running antivirus or parental software, and would like to contribute these fingerprints, please contribute them to MITMEngine!

It would be interesting to see how the BSDs rank.