Getting "zone not active yet" error on SSL for SaaS

Hi I have my DNS on AWS Route53.
I have an account on Cloudflare intending to create a custom hostname. Reading the pricing pages, SSL for SaaS is available for a $2/host/month under free plan. When I try to configure the custom hostname, it is showing “Pending error (Zone is not active yet)”.
I also see Cloudflare saying nameservers are not correctly set. But AWS doesn’t allow changing NS record and I intend to keep NS as is. Any ideas?

What is the way to get support? I tried chat and sales asked me to send email to [email protected] and my email to that came back with a ticket number and in a minute or two followed by ticket closing message by the bot.

You do need a zone active on Cloudflare to use SSL for SaaS, so if you have not activated your domain here that would be why you get this error.

I’m not sure what you want to achieve then, you’d need to use a different domain if you won’t change the nameservers.

Paid plans have access to technical support, Pro via email and Business or Enterprise via live chat. If you’re on the free plan then it’s the community here.

So, I got it to work by throwing away AWS Name servers and publishing CF records. I was wondering if both groups can coexist. When I tried to remove AWS entries partially, CF didn’t budge until all are gone and only CF records remained.

Other than the NS records, I suppose I can still have some records in Route53 for other purposes and CF as the authoritative NS, will learn them and serve them right?

Not sure what you mean by this but if you’re referring g to the DNS scan and Cloudflare picking up new records you add elsewhere then no. That only happens when you signup.

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