Getting YouTube Authorization

I need to do the following below as stated by YouTube to verify ownership of my domain. Can someone tell me how to do this here in Cloudflare? Walk me through it.

The code is a fake representative for training purposes.

Follow the steps below to create a DNS (Domain Name System) record that proves to Google that you own the domain.

  1. Add the TXT record below to the DNS configuration for “


Click Verify below.

When Google finds this DNS record, we’ll make you a verified owner of the domain. (Note: DNS changes may take some time. If we don’t find the record immediately, we’ll check for it periodically.)

To stay verified, don’t remove the DNS record, even after verification succeeds.

Note: adding this record won’t affect your mail flow or any other feature in any way.
Having trouble? Contact your domain name provider directly for further assistance.

Go to the Cloudflare Dashboard and click on the DNS tab. Then follow these guidelines. You’ll do the @, but instead of that spf stuff, you’ll enter that entire google verification line.

I don’t see to get it. I did the follow shown in the screencast pic here and it gives me an error that it is not a valid IPv4 address.

Please look:

That screenshot shows it’s selected for an “A” record. Click on that “A” dropdown menu and make it a TXT.

Thanks Partner! It accepted it. How long does it usually take for it to start working for me to be able to authenticate?

It should be immediate.

Hmm… That didn’t work then, still not able to authenticate site.

Sorry, I just took a closer look at your DNS screenshot. The spot you put “YouTube Auth” should have either a @ or your domain name (without the www). The @ is a shortcut for your domain name.

PERFECT!!! That worked! Thanks for all the help, it always the little things that get you.

Thanks again.

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