Getting "You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)" on cloudflare R2 dashboard

Getting “You are not entitled to use r2. (Code: 10042)” on Cloudflare R2 dashboard.
Please help.

Don’t ping random staff members for help.
You can email [email protected] to create a ticket, it will probably auto close but post the ticket ID here, and we can re-open.

Do you have a payment method on file?

Here is the ticket ID - 2510052

Yes @sdayman

Same problem for me. As soon as I navigate to the R2 page in the dashboard I’m getting the error message stated in the initial post.

I already created a support ticket (2510314) which got closed.


I have sent this to the R2 team :slight_smile:

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Seeing this as well, to boost visibility also submitted a ticket (2510465)


I have the same problem, I want to change from backblaze to R2 and I can’t, I have my paypal account added and my bank card aside, but I’m on the free plan, is it mandatory to upgrade to the plan to use R2?

This is now resolved - Cloudflare Status - Issues accessing/provisioning R2 resources

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