Getting WWW redirect issue

I have siteground as my hosting provider. I signed up to Cloudflare through siteground only and chose the free plan.

After that, I’m getting this error. All sites must go through www. Below I’ve attached the screenshot.

Hi @sachdevapiyush91,

In general if you are on a CNAME setup Cloudflare doesn’t handle your root domain and you would need to redirect at your host. Where does that ‘Cloudflare Tutorial’ link in the screenshot go?

Also, can you share the domain name?

This is the link for cloudflare tutorial

My domain name -

Ok, thanks. You will need to configure this on Siteground if you want to use their Cloudflare integration.

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I tried doing this as well but the same error keeps popping up

Thanks it is resolved. I purged the cache in cloudflare and it worked. The status is active now.


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