Getting warp=on and not warp=plus

I’m an Android WARP+ user for several months. After I installed the W10 x64 beta client, I updated my license key and the app shows just plain WARP not WARP+. I’ve attached screenshots and also sent in-app feedback.
Anyone from CF watching this?

Something is broken with the licensing on CF servers.
Yes, I also waited 6 hours, and it also happens with 3rd party WG config generators. I also regenerated license keys AND also used “Reset encryption keys”, nothing helps.

Device id (Windows): e34e9be9-b3e5-4aca-a143-38cea9962929
My community e-mail is the one used for billing on Google Play.

Here is the status on my phone. The enable toggle on the Windows device WON’T stick as enabled after leaving the interface and returning.
Device id on phone: b3803012-d5d5-4c37-a417-fb0eea28cd72

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Send a bug report from within the app, this will let the team know the issue better. It will also provide logs.

Done that, but hoping more users reply here, because it’s not a new issue and it’s already been reported on other sites, such as here:
Today I installed the official WARP client (beta for Windows) and it seems it’s not related to the used client, both official and 3rd party tools behave identical.

It was an issue in early stages of the beta for iOS and Android. It will get fixed…

I just hope for an official acknowledge from Cloudflare, nothing more. This bug is present for almost 2 months now. It’s not from the beta stages on iOS and Android, it’s something much newer.

I meant on Windows and macOS. I don’t think it’s there on the mobile apps.

I’m gonna summon again @kkrum, it seemed to work ok before :crazy_face: I’m gonna use this power as long as I can.


Thanks again for the pointer @matteo, I really appreciate it as I dig through beta feedback across all the places :slight_smile:

@icsterm thanks for reporting (and especially thanks for detailed debug info) this is definitely a bug on our side. We’ve had a caching issue on the WARP service that was failing to update cdn-cgi/trace. This is why the app correctly says WARP+ Unlimited but the website check is off.

Re the Android bug, not sure we’ve seen that, i’ll pass this entire scenario off to @cassandra1 who owns QA to see if she can reproduce in house.

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Excluding the trace page, what is the best way to check that WARP+ is active? Is there a trace route or something that shows it passing through Cloudflare’s network, if it even does?

There are three mechanisms we use to verify WARP is fully working.

  1. The trace page above ( Even though it’s a little sticky when it comes to your license entitlement, the warp=off or on is correct. I usually stop here, but sometimes proceed to the next few to double check.

  2. and specifically look at your AS Name (is should be Cloudflare) and by default DNS should be over WARP.

  3. Traceroute to sites on Cloudflare’s network (like are 1 hop.


Excluding point 1 you don’t explicitly see the WARP+ vs. WARP, gotcha…

Yes, apologies for reading comprehension fail on my part. #1 is the only explicit WARP+ check (vs. WARP all up).

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No worries!

@ kkrum
I’m curious how much does it take for the whole warp=plus thing to return to normal, still nothing changed on my side (I reconnected my client). I will try again tomorrow, no worries if it takes time.
But I’m a little concerned that it’s not 100% related to the cdn-cgi/trace because the Android bug started once i lost warp=plus, it seems to be related. I can post a full console log and the other debug info in private if needed (including screen record).

@cassandra1 helped me out and confirmed the bugs we have tracking these.

Re the caching issue, this bug is still active and no fix ETA. I’ll ping for status here and hopefully get back to you in a few days @icsterm. If you don’t hear from me please DM me.

Re Android issue, this is fixed in our development branch and will be released in a future update.


I don’t think he has permissions to do so. @icsterm mention him here in case he forgets :slight_smile:

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Been one week, the new Android app is not yet live on the Play Store, which fixes the toggling of devices (is there any new release pending?)
And I’ve done another cdn-cgi trace and still getting warp=on with the Windows beta client which had an update earlier this week. The cache bug is still here.
So nothing has changed really.

Btw, I’m currently using a Wireguard profile on a license key I had like 3 keys before my current one. It shows warp=plus, which is terrifying (old revoked keys work fine and are warp+ enabled).

I see this a potential major bug, because if I share a license key and I revoke it, it won’t make any difference really.

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Hey icsterm thanks for the follow up. Take a look at your message for a follow up question.

Re the Android issue, it is fixed in our internal builds. We are still queuing up a number of other fixes ahead of our next release. No specific ETA but I can say it is weeks away not months away.

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@icsterm thanks for the follow up in DM. We configured there is definitely a new API error on our side. Dev is investigating. Thanks for finding the issue and working with us through the community page to track things down!!!



Thanks for highlighting this to the devs.
Also, it’s my pleasure, I feel faster & more private Internet should be bug-free also :slight_smile:

If these get fixed, the only issue remaining are the damn captchas which pop-up on some websites more often than usual. I think these can’t be avoided really when using shared IP pools.

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Nothing new, I updated my CF client to latest and still getting warp=on.
Any news from devs?