Getting warning suspected phishing site ahead on our transactional websit

Getting warning on my transactional portal for suspected phishing site since yesterday. we are running a transactional portal and do not ask for any banking information directly to the customer, however cloudflare has put this warning message and our comoany reputation is going down becouse of this activity by cloudflare. i have even raised a support ticket and also sent email to the abuse team, however there is no response yet kindly help

I have raised a support ticket already but there is no response. Our business is getting affected because of this.

Please help to resolve this at the earliest.

Hi @user8676, that is the only team that can assist with this. I’d scan everything connected to your site for malware and then select the option on the overview tab to review the site, if it’s there.

Aside from that, we need to wait for Trust & Saftey to review & respond.

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