Getting very low performance score for mobile devices

Hi there!
I am using wp-rocket cache plugin and using best possible setting for wp-rocket with CDN of cloudflare. I see much change in desktop speed after using cloudflare CDN addon but for mobile performance speed score is very low and sometimes it approaches to 19.
Could you please help me sorting mobile speed issue for my site?
My site is

My site is live and seo score is being affected. If someone have solution please do let me know.

All your solutions are listed in the report. They are all site-related.

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I have seen these in detail but css and javascript is necessary for desktop users only and everything is ok for desktop users, the issue is with mobile users, how do I exclude these files for mobile only users?
I want to serve these files via cloudflare CDN how do I do that please tell me?

For initial server response issue I applied cache everything page rule but this were causing login issues for users.

That’s something you need to code at your site, but if you create a mobile-friendly subdomain, Cloudflare can automatically redirect those requests:

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I’m seeing “Error 1020 Access denied” when trying to access your site.

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