Getting very high response time on my website

we are getting a very high response time of 2 to 3 seconds. Can you please check why this is happening on our website.

I’m pretty sure it’s all wait time for your server to deliver the home page HTML. Even testing from Melbourne is pretty slow. Do you have a caching plugin? That should speed up the HTML rendering time.

I am using W3tc and autoptimize but this reponse time is too high. when i will remove Cloudflare it be back to 200ms

Open up a Support Ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

There could be a connectivity issue that’s slowing things down between Cloudflare and your site.

Not all Cloudflare colos are available on all plan types. Can you check to see which colo you hit?

It would be helpful to have a list of that, colos per plane level + variations due to Argo active.

In Italy for example MXP is the main hub, but the Free plan prefers (or limits even) to FCO/NaMeX (which is badly peered, most networks pass through MXP/MIX-IT anyway).

It is really an evolving answer… some places like Australia, India and Korea have been ‘as is’ for a while but in other locations it is hard to quantify in many cases and in some cases it is the telco/provider choice on routing not a decision by Cloudflare (and subject to their changes at any point).

With the launch of and the addition of ~= 30 datacenters in 30 days earlier this year the situation on peering and availability has been evolving quickly enough that it becomes difficult to track (we’re using Ripe Probes but those can be unevenly distributed making it hard to draw firm conclusions).

I understand the ask, my concern is that as soon as we document something it will be out of data and saying PoPX is available on the Pro plan and above today isn’t a promise by any stretch that will be true tomorrow.

Maybe I can convince someone to create a peering/network type map with a vague legend and allow people to draw their own conclusions. :smiley:

Oh, believe me, I understand that, but a broad understanding would be useful (like: “Australia, due to costs, is included in X and above”). Or at least some sort of table showing the tiered caching of Argo and the Tier 1 PoPs (those should change so often).

For example most connections (except for Tiscali and a very few others, which peer also in Turin, so locally for me, go to Rome which is closer physically and network-wise) in the north of Italy go to Frankfurt (FRA) instead of staying in the country, while still passing a hop away from MXP (literally, the same building).

It would also be of help here for us when replying to users asking why their requests go so far or get an higher latency.

check this support link

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