Getting unwelcome page on my website

Hello, I’ve just come onto Cloudflare and I am trying to get to grips with it. My website url is and I am the owner and developer. It is fairly simple but there is quite a lot of javascript to process pages.

The problem I am having since joining Cloudflare is that sometimes I get this screen showing which is not what is expected.

This time it was from the url,9,16,17,7,13,5,12,11 but when I reloaded the page it displayed as it should. I suspect that this is some kind of cache feature with Cloudflare but it looks really bad as if my website is broken. Can I stop this from happening and make sure that it loads my website correctly first time.

BTW, it does seem a bit random when it appears. I can’t really get my head around what is going on, how to predict it and how to reproduce it consistently.

The website is to help people improve their backgammon play.

Many thanks,

My only idea is possibly due to your host ( hosting this page (useful to make some money for otherwise inactive domain) and sometimes serving it when it shouldn’t. If something like this was a problem with CF itself it would be more widespread and a big news story.

Thanks but this only started happening since I come onto CF. It is a bit of a showstopper. My host is InfinityFree.

I’ve got some more information on this. I did a view source if that helps anyone solve this.
I loaded it to here: and this shows the error every time.

Br, David

That looks like an old DNS lookup. If you just moved the site to Cloudflare, it can take up to 48 hours before DNS fully propagates.

Next time you get the wrong page, take a look at the headers in your browser’s Dev Tools window to see if it’s coming through Cloudflare.

I strongly think that this is linked to SSL which I set up today.
I’ve now disabled Cloudflare from my site and it seems to be working as it used to.

Not on HTTPS I presume though, right? Assuming your server IP ends in 216, it appears your server is configured for HTTPS, however with an invalid certificate.

Generally, your setup seems a bit off. It is a partner setup, right? You did not sign up on Cloudflare directly? Also, your host seems to have set up a CNAME for your naked domain, which is technically not a valid DNS configuration.

From further reading it seems that I should not have set Cloudflare through CPannel but should have gone directly to Cloudflare. I am new to this and you are right that I don’t have HTTPS working now.

My next set will be to remove Cloudflare from my CPannel and try going through it directly. I’ll try to figure this out on a test environment first. It’s all very confusing as I’ve not set this up before and I’m learning as I go.

Do this first. Only once your site is properly working on HTTPS continue with the Cloudflare setup. Right now you could only use “Full”, which is less secure than “Full strict”.

But overall, yes, a full setup will give you better control than a partner setup.

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