Getting total bandwidth and unique visitors from Graphql API

Hello everyone,

I am a bit confused about the Cloudflare Graphql API, and I just need to be sure that this is the right query to get total bandwidth and unique visitors for a particular site:

query = '''
  viewer {
    zones(filter: { zoneTag: $zoneTag }) {
      httpRequests1dGroups( limit: 100, filter: { date_geq: $date_geq }) {
        sum {
        uniq {

Is this the right query? if now what is?

My question came from the fact that can see some differences on both between what I get from the API and what I have on webgui.

Thank you in advance.

So I had to install GraphQL Network addon on chrome, and through it was able to pick both requests and response being done.

The issue is that a “totals” should be added:

zones( filter: { zoneTag: $zoneTag }) { totals: httpRequests1dGroups( limit: 10000, filter: { date_geq: $date_geq, date_lt: $date_lt }) {

But must say that really don’t know why I am unable to use:

filter: { datetime_geq: $since, datetime_lt: $until }
even using the right format “%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ”.

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