Getting too many requests from AS16509 AMAZON-02

Hi, I have blocked all traffic on wp-admin pages because we were having ddos attack.

We are getting many requests from AS16509 AMAZON-02. They are already getting blocked.

what should be done here. I implemented blocking all by reading myself.

I’m not clear on what you’re asking. It sounds like you already solved the issue with a block rule.

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Hi @sdayman, thank you for your responding, yes I have blocked it by adding asn no but the user agent is showing my own website and that is making me confused. The path is * /wp-cron.php

  • Query string
    ?doing_wp_cron=1715987708.9558670520782470703125 p

and the second path is - * Path


  • Query string


with similar asn, some other user agents have also triggered requested. Now, I want to know if this cron jobs are coming from my website are ddos or not ddos?

Apart from the user agent being our own website sometimes, we are also getting requests like these… from ASN 16509


Is it actual ddos attack? Yesterday, we were not able to access admin panel because load was too much, it’s working fine now but some of our cron jobs are stuck due to 403 error.

This one is troubling the most. My question is if this is some mistake at my end? or this attack will finish by its own slowly?

Hello, I will be thankful if someone responds.

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