Getting to Cloudflare support on DDoS attack

I upgraded my plan from Free to Pro to get technical support, opened a ticket and they tell me 3 days. I am in the midst of a ddos attack and the sales phone doesn’t answer even when i hit *1 to tell them i am in an attack and its inside US business hours. Recommendations?


Can you post your ticket number here for Cloudflare team to look into the ticket?

In the meanwhile, you may want to perform the following action if you haven’t done so:

  1. Enable Under attack mode, which allows Cloudflare to send challenge to all incoming traffic.
  2. Create Rate Limiting Rules (Security > WAF > Rate Limiting) to rate limit IPs that sending too many IPs.
  3. If the domain is already on Pro Plan, you should be able to access Analytics with further details.

Can you click Try our new Web Traffic analytics.
This feature is free and included under Pro Plan and above.
You will be able to see request details such as IPs, User-Agent, Countries and etc.

Proceed to create block/challenge firewall rule to unknown IPs or ASNs that sending many requests.


Ticket # [2755369]
I changed the origin website to static html and its helping, most sites on the server are still up at least intermittently. There are have been 130 million requests over the last week.
But what I would really like is to inform Cloudflare that it’s static html site and to always fulfill requests from cache (while providing me an opportunity to purge cache if the websites changes)
Is this possible?
I know the individual doing this, And I am curious how much it costs to run a 130 million hit DDoS attack?

Sorry to hear about the attack @marco17, from looking at ticket #2755369 it seems my colleagues have already given you some advice on that ticket. If you need more help, please reply on the ticket and let us know.

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