Getting timeouts

I am also experiencing these frequent 524 errors and I am also with Siteground. I have spent hours with support but they still point the fingers at Cloudflare! It’s been ongoing for over a month now.

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Sorry to hear that. Yeah, it’s the same issue for me. Started about 1-2 months ago and I didn’t change anything. Siteground support couldn’t help and that’s why I submitted a ticket to the CF support now. Did you do the same?

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Exact same - literally nothing else I can do!

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Hey guys,

Any update on this? I’m having the same problem. Started about a few months ago, I’m also with Siteground. Talked with their support several times, but they insist there haven’t been any changes to their servers recently, and the problem is on my end. But I didn’t change anything on my end either!

Plus, I tried troubleshooting by disabling plugins and seeing if the issue would be gone. Well, it didn’t work. The errors (timeouts) are still happening.

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