Getting timeout error


We have a cloudflare worker to process external requests. After reading the requests, we add a couple of parameters to the incoming requests and we push it to AWS SQS.

We are seeing requests are missing due to timeout. This is what the initiator of the requests has said. “The time taken was more than 5 secs due to which the URL forwarding eventually failed due to no response sent by the server. We request you to ensure that the URL response within 5 secs to avoid the dropping of callbacks.”

As the timeout is 5sec at the client-side, how can we handle this issue?

From the last week stats,
total requests are 2.02M
median time is 2.6 ms.

Hi, had a couple of follow-up questions but requires getting some account info. Can you join the Workers Discord and DM me (albert-zhao)?

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Any updates on this?

  • Raghav