Getting timeout 522 on 1 domain, but not other with the same DNS


I have 2 sites, let’s say SiteA and SiteB.

Both have matching A records that point to my external IP, and both have various CNAME records pointing back to the root. I have a site hosted on my network that has been port forwarded and using NGINX Proxy Manager, that handles routing for various services. I can access everything via SiteA without issue, however, when I try to access things via SiteB I get a Cloudflare 522 timeout.

Switching out just the URL from a SiteA URL to a SiteB URL fixes the issue almost instantly. My configuration is barebones and has been torn down and re-created but the same issue persists. This happens when the records are set to proxied and DNS only, both resolve the same IP. I can see SiteA traffic hitting my firewall but not SiteB so I don’t think it’s even getting to the point of the NGINX config.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to ‘reset’ my site in Cloudflare?

Many Thanks!

Hi there!

I recommend you to check here:

Do you have the same origin server IP for both sites?

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to ‘reset’ my site in Cloudflare?

You can remove the site from Cloudflare, and re-add again. All the settings are removed.

Take care!

Hi AlphaK,

Thanks for replying! I did have a look at that before posting and unfortunately it didn’t get me anywhere further, I’m not even seeing traffic hit the firewall at a home router level when using SiteB. No IPs are being blocked. Both have same origin IP.

How would I go about removing the site and re-adding, would it be a case of transferring it out to another vendor then back in? I’d love to keep it managed in Cloudflare.


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