Getting this error: the site can't provide a secure connection


A client of mine is saying that he gets this error when visiting my website:

the site can’t provide a secure connection err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch

To make a summary, last night I deleted my website from cloudflare and added it back so I can rescan the DNS because my webhost has changed its DNS. Then I have changed from my registrar, the DNS so they point to cloudflare.

In the crypto tab from cloudflare I see:


Encrypt communication to and from your website using SSL.

It may take up to 24 hours after the site becomes active on Cloudflare for new certificates to issue.

Note: SSL certificate issuance may take up to 24 hours.

Status Authorizing Certificate
This setting was last changed a month ago


When you delete your domain this will cancel and delete the existing SSL certificate as well. This means that when you re-add your domain we’ll need to order a new certificate for you, which will take up to 24 hours. You can continue to track the status of the SSL certificate through the Crypto tab.

If the certificate has not issued after 24 hours I would recommend filing a support ticket so that the support team can take a closer look at it for you. If the certificate has issued after 24 hours and your client continues to see the error message have them follow these steps first and if those don’t help file a support ticket.


maybe cloudflare can hold/save the ssl cert for 24-48hrs after site deletion just in case folks re-add site within 24-48hrs ?


Our website is using a https format (we bought SSL from our hosting company). And since cloudflare is setting their own SSL I’m just thinking there is a conflict here. And this is causing the issue. I don’t have much knowledge about this.

Right now if I would leave cloudflare for 24 hours to activate the SSL, the website will display that error for everyone and this is not acceptable.


If you have a valid cert from your hosting company and would like to use it with Cloudflare, choose Full SSL (Strict). :grinning:


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Unfortunately, since Comodo is a US company, they cannot issue a certificate to the .IR ccTLD due to US Export Laws.

Here’s a couple of option for you:

  • Use HTTP instead of HTTPS
  • Grey-cloud your website and install your own SSL from Let’s Encrypt or other non-US certificate authority at your origin server
  • Upgrade to Business or Enterprise plan then install your own SSL from Let’s Encrypt or other non-US certificate authority at Cloudflare

Hopefully in 2018, Cloudflare can use Let’s Encrypt instead of Comodo to supply those banned ccTLDs with SSL.


I’m having this same issue. I changed the SSL to Full Strict and my site is still showing this error. I have no changed my nameservers back to my host and now I have to wait for propagation, because the error is still on my site. Hopefully, it’s only still there due to ISP cache because this is completely unacceptable.


Do you have an SSL cert installed on your server?


yeah I had a similar issue…
My website has been working perfectly for the last month but as of recently(yesterday) I received an error when trying to access my site saying:

"This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.
Unsupported protocol
The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite."

at this point I’m pretty stumped, since I do now have ssl certificate from cloudflare that has been working well. And even when I didn’t have ssl, I could still access my site just with an “unsecured” warning.
Any help would be appreciated,



I have the same problem. Did you get it fixed?

One of my domains got removed from cloudflare, and it got stuck on “Initializing Certificate”. Contacted support, still stuck. Oh well. I will wait and see.


I’m also having the same problem. My status is: Active Certificate, but visiting the site results in ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH.

Clicking the (i) next to the url in the browser shows: “Your connection to this site is not secure”


Yeah I have the same issue. How long did the issue take to resolve?


If you open a Support Ticket, it usually doesn’t take that long to clear up.