Getting this error: the site can’t provide a secure connection

the site can’t provide a secure connection.

To make a summary, last night I deleted my website from Cloudflare and added it back so I can rescan the DNS because my webhost has changed its DNS. Then I have changed from my registrar, the DNS so they point to Cloudflare.

I already do anything i could and the “universal SSL” its ACTIVE.

Your website isn’t proxied through Cloudflare.


Cloudflare’s Universal SSL only applies to proxied records - make sure the @ and www records in DNS have an orange cloud.

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Solved, thanks to you!
Can you just show me the logic behind this solution? Cause i never get this error in other clients i have on Cloudflare.

If the record doesn’t have an orange cloud then Cloudflare is completely out of the picture - users connect directly to your origin.

Nothing in Cloudflare, such as SSL, will have any effect on a ‘DNS Only’ record.

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