Getting the CNAME for www

Hi again. Tanks to those who have helped me get my site up and runnung.

Everything is looking good, the http forwards automatically to https, and the site is now secure.

Having some trouble, however, on the www version of the domain. When I contacted my host, they told me to set up a CNAME pointing to www.

When I type in the domain with www before it, I get a 526 error (invalid SSL certificate).

Can anyone tell me what I should do?

Try the following instead. Note that if you already have a ‘www’ record set to :orange:, you won’t have to add the suggested “A” record. Just the Page Rule should be enough.

Wow okay so that worked. Is it better than a CNAME record? Also, just curious as to why it is a temporary redirect rather than a permanent one.

I’m pretty new at all this!

Thanks so much

Either works, but it’s easier for the tutorial to suggest an “A” record than a CNAME that might cause a conflict. You can make it a 301 permanent if you’d like. That’s what I usually do. But permanents are longer lasting and someone might change their mind before the permanent wears off.

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