Getting subdomains setup


I have my main domain setup and just need to point the nameservers. I have several subdomains and am worried they won’t work after pointing the nameservers. I’d like to add the subdomains in Cloudflare too but I can’t find a way to do that until after the main domain is setup. I found an article but it’s referring to having an enterprise account and we only use a Pro account. Are subdomains even possible on a Pro account?


The nameservers are applied for the entire domain ie so creating a subdomain will still use the main name servers.

Thanks for the reply! Do you see any issues with the subdomains once we transfer our domain to Cloudflare? When I added the domain in Cloudflare I see all the A records pointing correctly for the subdomains so everything looks fine, just trying to figure out any possible issues before the transfer.

Subdomains are pretty simple with Cloudflare and there are not normally issues. I would just double-check the new DNS records in Cloudflare match any that you currently have.

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