Getting - Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)


Hello, I have the same problem, I changed the name server on my host but whois always returns the name of my host server.
and cloudflar displays gives me the result

could you help me please.



I changed our domain’s ( nameservers to our Cloudflare ones around 27th October but have had this message ever since:

Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:

Initially I realised that there was a registrar lock on for the domain and switched that off so the change could take hold last week (7th Nov). After waiting for more than 72 hours, I have no idea would could still be wrong. Kindly assist.


@hadithi Your domain is set to use:           86400   IN      NS           86400   IN      NS is correct.

But it’s using instead of – “flare” is missing the L between F and A.


I have preemptively deleted my website from Cloudflare and repeated the setup process (this time with the registrar lock off). Shall update progress here should anything change.


Had not realised this. Thank you for pointing out the error. Now that I’ve repeated the setup process and checked the spelling for the nameservers again just to be sure, I think things should be fine.


I have a similar issue the fix for that is to edit the nameservers from the main domain page, and not from the DNS zone page
As i am using gsuite for mail.


Cloudflare won’t activate your website unless you have only the two Cloudflare name servers listed for your domain. You will need to remove the iebrain entries for Cloudflare to work.


if i deleted nameserver on my provider then my mail server will effect
or not


You will need to copy all mail-related DNS entries over to Cloudflare’s DNS page.


Now mail will also be pointing to cloudflare server.
Can your help me with the server configuration.


Gsuite mail doesn’t point at your servers. There should be some DNS records related to incoming mail (MX record) and possibly where you connect to mail (SMTP/IMAP/POP)


we are facing and issue related to our HRM system that i can only be
working in listed IP not from other IP so can you help me with the IP or
any solution which will help me to work hrm without issue


It sounds like you’re at a company that should have an IT department that should coordinate with Cloudflare to get this to work. If you’re on a paid plan (Enterprise would be great), you can quickly get in touch with Cloudflare Support: Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


HI sdayman,
As we are facing issue with our server and now most of the subdomain are not working so can you help me now all the service are now deactivated from your server or still activated please help us to remove the setting from your server.


I don’t work for Cloudflare. Please use the contact link I posted above.


The DNS configuration must be updated at your domain registrar for your domain to resolve DNS with Cloudflare’s nameservers. This change is required in order to route web traffic through the Cloudflare network.