Getting - Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)


Got it. Thanks @cscharff. I’lll give it a shot!


Hello there. I have tha same problem. Still showing “DNS modification pending” message. I also checked whois and the information matches the correct nameservers…

Any advice?


The last one I added took over 24 hours. But it shouldn’t take more than 48.


Same as the previous poster. Your cloudflare nameservers need to be the only ones listed. They aren’t. This could be a replication delay from your registrar was the whois information appears correct. But dig ns @ +trace shows the .tk TLD servers are returning additional ones. 300 IN NS 300 IN NS 300 IN NS 300 IN NS 300 IN NS 300 IN NS


Hello there, I reset nameservers to defaults and then I reentered the cloudflare ones. As far as I can see from the whois report everything seems fine, so I am waiting for cloudflares recheck nameservers,


Still returns the same results, but it could just be replication delay at your registrar…


still no luck… should I contact the domain provider?


I am having similar problem. I keep getting that Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)
Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:

I have crosschecked the nameservers, they are entered correctly. I need help please!


Since you didn’t post your domain name, we can’t double-check, but if you’re sure, then open a Support ticket: Login & go to


Cloudflare’s nameservers need to be the only ones listed. At the moment whois reports your nameservers as:


The nameservers need to be removed in order for the domain to be active on Cloudflare.


Sorry about that my domain name




I had a similar issue, the fix for that is to edit the nameservers from the main domain page, and not from the DNS zone page


This things is quite interesting. I only change the ns on the dns zone, that means … the NS still the same with one from hostinger… Oh god… I can’t stop laughing… hahaha…



I am aklso getting the same issues , my dns changes have already taken place 2 days back , but still it’s saying

“Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)”

However i have performed a cross check on whois domain but the results over there state that nameservers are pointing correctly towards cloudflare nameservers.

Here i am attaching screenshot of same.


You have two additional name servers that should not be listed. Remove the 000webhost name servers, and Cloudlfare will proceed with the setup.


Those two name servers are of the hosting providers i use, If i remove those 2 nameservers , where will my sites be hosted??


They will still be hosted on your web server. But now you will use Cloudflare’s name servers. When you went through the setup process here, you should have seen the DNS records Cloudflare was able to retrieve for your domain. Make sure they match your existing DNS records.


HI Team i am facing same issue

Status: Website not active DNS modification pending

My domain registrar is Godaddy and my hosting is done thru Hostgator i have asked hostgator to change my name servers to one given from cloudflare and they confimed that it has been done
second i went to godaddy and added new name servers not replaced
now i have 4 name servers on godaddy two pointing to hostgator and two pointing to cloudflare please kindly assist if the above setting are good

or should i just keep cloudflare as nameservers only, i am confused and cant find help regarding this subject my website shows down in some regions like states NY.

please help


You need to only have Cloudflare nameservers listed and the change should be made at your registrar.