Getting started with the cpanel plugin



I’m new to cloudflare and not very experienced in configuring dns.

I need to set up Cloud Flare for a small number of my public facing domains. My dns is managed by a third party, and needs to remain with that management services.

In cpanel I have connected to Cloud Flare using cname provisioning and now I have Cloud Flare cname records checked for and If i add a subdomain in cpanel I see a number of A records for that subdomain, however nothing for that subdomain is checked.

Is it really as simple as updating/adding the these records with my dns, or do I need to do anything else? I have read in some areas of the Cloud Flare support documentation that using cname provisioning is a paid for only feature.

Also am I correct in assuming that full zone provisioning requires Cloud Flare to manage all dns for

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.