Getting Started Question of the Week-How long have you used Cloudflare?

How long have you used Cloudflare? Tell us what prompted you to try it, respond with a video and receive the Cloudflare Content Creator Badge!

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No one has replied???

Well I guess I’ll be the first

I’ve had a domain on Cloudflare for less than a year I think


And I can’t believe that no one has replied up to this point, so that badge is still up for grabs!

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Well, second reply!

I’ve used Cloudflare since August 2020. I firstly used it with a partial CNAME setup via Hostinger, but I later moved to a Full DNS setup.

My oldest domain in Cloudflare is I have it since I started with Cloudflare:


Questions of the week are great. There should be more…

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I wasn’t actually sure how to be so sure of when I actually started using (or at least signed up) for Cloudflare for the first time. Then I had an idea, do a search for the welcome email. I had to set a custom date range because I’ve kept every single email I’ve ever received from the Cloudflare domain. So I started a search from 2015 to 2020 as I though it would be within that timeframe, and then sorted the results from oldest to newest and voila! Turns out that my guess was not far off, because on 14th August 2015 I received the following email, with a video that is no longer public:

Congratulations on successfully adding your website to the Cloudflare community!

Cloudflare will make your site faster and safer. Watch this 3:50 min SHORT VIDEO (- YouTube) on how to optimize our service. You will learn about:

*CloudFlare Settings Overview

*Optimizing Security: adjusting your security level

*Optimizing Performance: setting your cache level and enabling auto-minify (HTML,CSS,JS)

*Fine-tuning Caching: adding Page Rules

If you hit any speed bumps get in touch with us here ( Welcome to our community!

Feel free to moderate or suggest that I do not publish the content of (transactional) emails.

When a TV broadcaster took a clip of mine and edited into their programme and broadcast it to the biggest national TV network, they claimed ‘fair use’ and I made a request, so in this case I’m sure it can be requested that I also do not republish the copyrighted material of others. I’m just not sure about publishing the contents of emails, as it doesn’t feel right. I made an exception, because. Nostalgia.

This was 5 years after Cloudflare launched, so if I’m correct. I started using it 7 years ago and it’s now been running for 12 years.

HAPPY BELATED 12th birthday Cloudflare! :partying_face: I’m unapologetically and fashionably late to the party to celebrate with the community, but I guess I feel like a distant family member watching a well performing pre-schooler defend the world from the biggest attacks in history before hitting teenage years :tada:

Part 2 the update

So I decided to double check on the dates, and yes. I can see the second ever email I received from Cloudflare was this one, sent on Tue, 29th Sept 2015 at 21:41:

This week, Cloudflare turned five. That’s five years of making websites faster, safer, and smarter. Thank you for being a part of building a better web.

YOUR 43 MONTHS WITH Cloudflare




Visit your analytics dashboard to see more data


Cloudflare connected traffic from over 190 countries with 62 locations around the world

94,116 years


To learn more about how Cloudflare has helped other customers, visit our anniversary page.

Visit the website

Wait a minute… maybe it’s been longer than 7 years. Could it be 9 years I’ve been with Cloudflare based on the contents of this email?

Perhaps just relying on welcome emails generated after 2015 is not accurate!

begins searching from 2010 onwards

Let’s see…

I find even earlier evidence of using Cloudflare in an email I sent from my much older personal consumer account to my early adopter business email account. I sent myself a snippet of code from what looks like my origin server going down, and Cloudflare picking up the slack for me:
Mon, 12 Nov 2012, 00:17

Exception: Request failed for http://**************.com/ returned code 502. 
Server response: <!DOCTYPE HTML>
<html lang="en-US">
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Website is currently unreachable (1)</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
try{if (!window.CloudFlare) { var

*I’ve redacted my domain name and GA UA no. using asterisks because I don’t need to promote those

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ