Getting started process

Home enthusiast here…Just getting started with Cloudflare. I have a very small web site (a home weather website) that I would eventually like to use MQTT (websockets) functionality. That is my goal. Currently as I get started with registering, changing name servers I am running into https: looping problem. I have activated the ‘recommender’ and am awaiting information back from that. Additionally, at the same time I changed the name servers over to isaac and journey I now have an ftp problem (cannot connect to my ftp server).
Not sure what to look at next to straighten this out.
My first question was: Does CF enable my use of MQTT (Websockets), and I clearly see that it does. As I do NOT have a public-facing IP address (I have Carrier Grade NAT)- I am hoping CF will work for me.
Any recomendations you have will be very much appreciated! /E

I now see the requirements to complete my setup. I am slow. Will be checking out how to create these A, AAAA or CNAME records to get my WWW and DOMAIN to resolve.

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