Getting Started, No idea what i am doing

Hey all, i am completely new to cloudflare and what it does, i have been advised by my FiveM server host to contact you guys about the massive ddos attacks we are having.

I am one of the owners of a GTA V Roleplay community on FiveM known as Extreme Gaming UK, recently due to an influx of new players and players leaving their servers to join ours, has attracted alot of attention, and not the good kind, every day we get hit with ddos attacks and the protection on our game server handles that perfect;y fine, but when the big boy ddos comes alive, we aint getting back into the server what so ever.

Now ive read a bit about you guys before i came and i dont understand the process, changing the ip wont help as its still easy to find when connecting to the server, so i need to make the game server ip routed through you guys so we can stop those big boy attacks, but when i start the process it asks for a domain, we have a website but players dont connect through that, they connect through a dedicated ip, i appreciate anyone and everyone lending us a hand, thank you

  1. Cloudflare proxies HTTP/S (website) traffic on standard ports.
  2. If your players connect to a set IP address, then Cloudflare can not protect that, as that’s a direct connection to your server.

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