Getting started issues, should I :search:

Cloudflare was recommended as a great way to help me speed up my site… so I added the plugin to my site.

But then I find out that I’m now shifting hosting, pointing DNS to a different place!
Still, I follow through with the process, and all of a sudden, my emails aren’t working and my site has been taken down!

I got an email from Cloudflare stating my account is active - but still nothing!
I need to run my business!

I think we need to sort things.

Let’s start with: What is your domain?

Yes, your domain is pointing to Cloudflares NS, but you forgot to set up the DNS entries.
Please create the correct:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • MX

entries in the DNS section of Cloudflare, and it should be back up and running.

I guess it should be like this:

Type Entrie Target Proxy?
A :orange:
CNAME @ :orange:
CNAME @ :grey:
CNAME @ :grey:

Can’t guarantee, that this is the right setup, but I guess it is.

I didn’t see any instructions - where do I do that???

oh wait - I see it - let me give it a try

Do Cloudflare provide you with instructions on which ones you have to set up! I’m so confused! I entered what you shared + it still isn’t working

Seems to be working again :slight_smile:
… at least for me.

Yes Cloudflare does have a very good learning section and instructions. Let me do the search.

This was the error, you have been getting: Community Tip - Fixing No A, AAAA or CNAME record found / ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED errors

No - this is how I knew there was an error
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.08.38

and the email error message
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.09.28

This error appears, when you try to reach “” (browsers cut off the “www”), but you did not create all the entries I provided to you.

For this, you need to setup the correct smtp subdomain.

Why do they not provide clear instructions.
I’m generally tech savvy - but right now - I’m in tears I’m so frustrated!
I just want to can this whole thing and rather go back to having a slow site + emails! this is ridiculous!

Cloudflare does provide very clear instructions in multiple steps - but I guess you skipped them.

Before adding a domain to Cloudflare you should note your DNS entries. Then adding it to Cloudflare and before changing the NS you need to make sure all the entries are there and correct (most are automatically detected and added), the missing ones you need to add manually.

If you do so, you will have a very smooth and flawless migration.

If you need to add more missing entries, please look them up at your old registrar, they still should be there.

I spoke to my hosting company - they are helping me through it. website is live, but emails still a concern. thanks for your help


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