Getting SSL Unrecognized Name Alert Message

I’m trying to use the Flexible SSL option on a WordPress site and getting error:

I’ve used this successfully on other sites with no issue - and utilize the Cloudflare WordPress plugin (to address the redirect issue). DNS is configured to use Cloudflare as required, and Flexible SSL is enabled. At this time all other settings are default. No forced SSL, etc.

The site is, and can see the SSL version when loading the https version of the website.

In the Crypto section of the Cloudflare dash for this domain, the Hosts are default shown as:, * (2 hosts)

Any idea what could be causing? Thank you for any suggestions!

Your records are not proxied and hence your server is hit directly and apparently comes with an invalid certificate. If you want to use Cloudflare’s certificate you will need to change the records in question from :grey: to :orange:.

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Thanks Sandro - you set me straight - very appreciated!

If the site has an invalid SSL certificate, HTTPS won’t normally work. But if you proxy it through Cloudflare, you can use Full (not strict) SSL and Cloudflare will accept the invalid certificate.

As sdayman already elaborated, the problem is not the non-proxied record but that the server did not have proper certificate.

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