Getting SSL Handshake Error on Wix website

Hello Folks,

I am using Wix to create my website and configure its DNS through Cloudflare and recently I got a SSL handshake error on it.

I used all settings for ssl from (off to strict) but nothing worked

When I talked to Wix support they said you need to disable something from your Cloudflare but they can’t be specific about it.

can anybody help me with this

Hi there,

Checking your domains, I’m not sure the one you’re referring to, but since there has been movement in the crypto setting on m?...? and it’s currently with a 525 error, I’m assuming you mean this one.

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict), which means Cloudflare expects the origin to have a valid certificate that covers the hostname, but I’ve tested your origin and there is no certificate at all.

There are 3 ways to fix this:
A) generate an origin server certificate in your dashboard going to SSL/TLS > Origin Server > Create Certificate and install it at your origin server.
B) Generate a valid certificate in any certificate authority and install it at your origin.
C) (less recommended) Install any certificate, even if self-signed or expired at your origin and change the encryption mode from Full (strict) to Full.

Take care.

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