Getting SSL for a DNS only (aka gray-clouded) record


I’m masking (or frame forward if you prefer) my non-SSL private URL, which is a sub-domain with custom port. Eg:

So far, I’ve registered a public domain, added Cloudflare DNS to it.
Since the destination has custom port, adding a DNS+Proxy isn’t an option and i added a CNAME with DNS-Only as mentioned here

Now, with pointing to, I can access my destination via

However, since I had to use DNS-Only instead of DNS+Proxy, I end up with a non-SSL URL.
Is it possible to get my public url with https?

I see there are paid options like this one at comodo. I’m sure there are paid options with Cloudflare too. However, this is a pet project and hence I can’t go for a paid option.

Thank you.

Cloudflare does not offer any type of SSL that can be used on a :grey: record. Your best bet is to see if Let’s Encrypt can issue one.

@sdayman Thanks. I’ll check with Let’s Encrypt.

Also, I was wondering if this could be achieved with workers, and found a community mention of it here Would that be possible?

Portzilla might be an easier option:

@sdayman I’m unable to access any page under
Is this page up for you?

@sdayman Thanks for the update. I’ll wait and check both options you’ve suggested, and report back later.

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