Getting SSL Errors after a while when setting up cloudflare with 000webhos

Hello, when I add my domain which is parked on top of 000webhost page, the SSL certificate works for the domain (showing cert for my domain) but after a while (15 minutes or so) it gives SSL errors because the 000webhost certificate is shown instead. Why?

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Can you please provide a bit more detail regarding this issue?

What’s the exact error are you seeing, and is it reproducible right now?

Also, what is your SSL option set to?

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Hello, I have my website hosted at a domain. I’ve parked my own domain over that website address. If I add my own domain to cloudflare then SSL for that domain works for 15 minutes or so, accessing the 000webhost site through my domain works correctly with SSL showing SSL certificate for my own domain. But after a while, an error in browser is shown since it shows again the 000webhost ssl cert for my own domain which doesn’t match.

I’ve realized one thing: I use flexible SSL and when I purge the cache, all runs fine for some time. After 15-20 minutes or so I receive SSL errors again

You really need to find a way to get your server set up with SSL/TLS.


The Server is set up with SSL, but certificate appears as * in the place of Cloudflare SSL cert for which acts as proxy. Thus browser gives an error.

It’s unfortunate that the cert doesn’t match your domain, but that should let you use Full (not strict) mode. If you need more specific help, please post your domain name.

Notice that SSL error on browser disappears and SSL Cloudflare cert for mydomain is shown when I purge cache. After a while error comes again.

It could very well be a DNS propagation issue.

That hostname, and ‘www’, redirect to 000webhosting.

Yes, that is correct. BTW I’ve solved the issue, ddisabled some setting in Network section and am not getting more errors after 20 minutes, as of now. This thread can be closed.

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