Getting SSL 525 Error with GoDaddy W+M

This is the domain for the site I’m currently working on:

I’m running/hosting my site through GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing package (not ideal, I know that now, but my whole site has been built here and I’d hate to have to switch) and using Cloudflare for the rest. The site functioned perfectly for a year or two, but recently gives me an SSL 525 error when using the Full or Strict SSL modes, and when I switch to flexible, I get an error that says “The page isn’t redirecting properly.” The Ray ID at the bottom of the page is: 7557105f96012962

I’m not certain what caused the issue in the first place, as I wasn’t working on the site daily, but the issue seemed to arise right around the time that I enabled the beta email routing feature. I don’t believe these are connected but am unsure.

I’ve read through multiple forums and tutorials, all to no avail. Many people seem to be having this issue and I believe it’s a problem on GoDaddy’s end. Have any of you been able to figure this out?

I’m unable to test my site with the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center due to the fact that I can’t seem to find it, it simply redirects to a support page.
I’ve also tested the site using whynopadlock which states that I have mixed content errors. My results can be found here:

I have taken multiple steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Testing the site on multiple browsers/incognito mode
  2. Contacting GoDaddy (They offer 0 support, I can’t even talk to anyone with their absurdly long wait times)
  3. Trying multiple DNS records and SSL/TLS settings

Unfortunately I’m trying my best to be thorough here, but a lot of this stuff is going right over my head and I’m unable to truly devote time to researching the issue. I really need my site functioning and have been troubleshooting for quite a long time now, so any help at all is greatly appreciated!

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