Getting some emails via Cloudflare/Google Workspace and others from original email hosting


I’m new to Cloudflare and Google Workspace. I setup Cloudflare and Google Workspace records and all seems to be working well. Although, on my Apple Mail, I’m getting some emails coming through Google Workspace and some through my previous email hosting company, Guarded Host ( I kept the Guarded Host email in Apple Mail, because I have a tone of emails I need access to during the switch to Google Workspace. I have all the proper TXT and MX records setup in Cloudflare for Google Workspace email. Any advice how to route my email address through Google Workspace instead of my Guarded Host?

Thanks for the help.

You are currently not using Cloudflare

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:   nameserver =   nameserver =

Actually, is my website hosting provider. Regardless, I did a search on my domain and it’s still pointing to Little Oak instead of Cloudflare. Not sure how it turned off Cloudflare. We had this setup properly yesterday and I got the Congrats message on Cloudflare.

What’s your domain then? And what’s the actual question? I am afraid it’s not clear to me where Cloudflare comes in here.

Sorry, this is all new to me. My domain is I have the proper name servers setup at Little Oak hosting to point to Cloudflare. I also have the proper MX and TXT records setup in Cloudflare for Google Workspace (for email hosting). For some reason, I’m getting some emails coming from Little Oak email hosting and some from Google Workspace email hosting. I would like it to all flow through Google Workspace email hosting. I do see an extra A record in Cloudflare for Mail with content of the IP address. Should I remove this A Mail record, since I have Google Workspace records properly setup?

Or, do I need to do something at my Little Oak, hosting company?

The beginning stage of Cloudflare setup had me review existing records, but I was too chicken to delete for fear of getting rid of something important.

Your MX records only point to Google

nslookup -type=mx

Non-authoritative answer:   MX preference = 1, mail exchanger =   MX preference = 5, mail exchanger =   MX preference = 5, mail exchanger =   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

So as far as receiving emails is concerned, they should only show up in Google. Maybe you are forwarding from Google to another address or you fetch emails from Google, but as far as that domain is concerned they will only go to Google.

Okay, I’ll leave that previous A Mail record where it is and I see you found all my google mail records.

In the case of receiving email only the MX records are relevant and they all point to Google in this case.

One thing that I have seen in the past, and experienced myself, is an issue with local email routing.

If your emails are coming from external sources, they should only be delivered to Google Workspace, as @sandro said.

If, however, the emails coming to the old mailbox are ones sent by your website, an application on your server or another service using SMTP on LittleOak, it may be that the emails are routing locally and are not taking into account the MX records on Cloudflare’s DNS.

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Once your records are set correctly, there is a certain TTL for them to take effect. You may notice that this resolves itself automatically over the next 48 hours.

While you’re here, you should make sure to setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and optionally BIMI for emails at your domain.

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