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I can’t find my programmer/developer and they put my site here in Cloudflare and I need to find out where it is hosted so I can get my site back. any thoughts

Can you log in to the Cloudflare account associated with the domain? If you can just look at your DNS panel.

If not… do you know the e-mail address associated with the Cloudflare account? Have you tried doing a password reset? If it’s an address @ your domain you might be able to intercept it at the mail server (if you have access to do so) even if it’s not your normal e-mail address.

Is the domain registered through Cloudflare Registrar or is it registered elsewhere?


As I mentioned MY DEVELOPER put it in Cloudflare and gave me no information. This is my domain and my site files and I need a way to get it back therefore the current host? or IP? as I can’t reach the developers so there is no domain showing in my Cloudflare and they have the worst help so can’t reach anyone. Thanks

If you do a whois on the domain, does it show that it’s registered through Cloudflare Registrar or another registrar? Look specifically at the “Registrar:” field, not the nameservers.

Have you checked bank statements / etc to see if you’re being billed by any web hosting companies or similar? Have you checked the site’s 404 page to see if it might reveal any clues about who the host is? Have you looked at the HTTP headers for clues?

If the site is still up, first thing you should do is download everything you can with wget or a similar tool. If it’s a purely static site with no server-side scripting, you should be able to just rehost it somewhere else.

If the domain is registered through another registrar (not Cloudflare Registrar) you should try logging in with them, if you can, once you have alternate hosting setup, you can point the domain’s nameservers to another DNS provider (or even another Cloudflare account) and set up new DNS entries for the new hosting.

If you can’t log in to the registrar, but you know the registered owner information for the domain matches your information, you should contact that registrar and see if they have a process by which you can prove you’re the domain’s legal owner and get access to it restored. That’s IF the ownership information for the domain actually reflects you & not the developer.

Have you searched for unproxied DNS records (subdomains and such) that might reveal the host? If you post the domain name somebody might be able to find something.

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I don’t think you’ll get a different outcome from the last time you asked.


Thanks will try and do what you suggest. the site is but the registered domain is mlminsider which another developer is using to program so the must have done old.mlminsidre as the mlminsider was not available. It is an unknown domain to me and the developer must have done it without my knowledge yet I have access to the site admin and site is showing

no luck with any of your suggestions. only Cloudflare can give me this but they have lousy customer support so no clue how to resolve this. thanks

Even if you’re the legal owner of the domain, it sounds like you’re not the creator/owner of the Cloudflare account so Cloudflare probably won’t talk to you about this. is the domain?

Tucows is showing as the domain registrar – have you talked to them? I’m also seeing in the whois, likely they’re a Tucows reseller. If the domain is actually registered in your name (can’t tell because the data’s redacted), if you can prove to them you’re the legal owner they might give you access to it so you can point it to a new DNS provider and new web hosting.

I found an unproxied DNS record pointing to, belonging to So they MIGHT be the web host.

(On further investigation I found several other unproxied DNS records pointing to that same IP. I also found a DNS record pointing to, which is also InMotion Hosting. So, the evidence grows)


Yes it is my domain and 123 is my domain registrar and they actually suggested I contact Cloudflare. inmotion is an old host for the account but I will check it out again. thanks

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