Getting Servered Stale Data After The Cache Has Been Purged

I am having an issue with a stale page being presented to the browser and i am baffled. I set up a Bio Link page to have opted to use a custom domain. I set up the domain and created the DNS records as directed by Bio Link. I am using Cloudflare as the DNS provider and and everything is working, however I have made updates to my Bio Link page and stale content is being served when I use in my browser, but when I go to address or I get the correct updated content. Here comes the part where I get confused, logic would tell me that I am getting cached data either through Cloudflare or from my local cache. I have purged the Cloudflare cache, I have disabled the Cloudflare cache, I have created a custom rule to exclude the link from the Cloudflare cache, and I have disabled the DNS proxy to direct the request directly from the client workstation to the Bio Link servers. There is also no indications in the HEAD section of the served page that indicates that any content was cached. I have cleared the local cache and browsing history of my devices and I am still experiencing the issue. This is happening with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. This is also happening on devices that have never been exposed to either URL before this issue.

And yes, before anyone asks, I have rebooted my computer :wink::smiley:.

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I did some comparisons between the two URLs and the response that I received. I did notice the Bio Link also uses Cloudflare on the back end. I do know if I am getting hit with a double whammy because of that or if it is something else. The only difference I am seeing between the responses is the line cf-cache-status: From the URL the entry is HIT and from the URL the entry is DYNAMIC.

Response from

You can find the other screenshot in the next reply due to system rules on embedded media.

Nothing in is cacheable:

The only caching going on is at, so you’ll have to ask them about what’s going on over there.

Unless I’m looking at the wrong page on your site. I didn’t see any links to anywhere else in your domain, so I just viewed the homepage.

Response from

Thank you for the reply. I did open a case with them on Friday and their support is closed until Sunday. I am hoping to get a response today. I switched to Cloudflare based on their documentation on setting up a custom domain name, so I am hoping they have seen this issue before and know how to fix it.

I make YouTube videos on amateur radio and other electronic projects in my spare time so this was an easy alternative to standing up a website and still maintaining my branding.

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DYNAMIC means it came from the origin server. However, I do see that “Age” header, and that means the orgin server has its own cache. Though that Age header means it’s only been cached for 13 minutes.

Cloudflare can only help you with your own account. If caching is elsewhere, it’s up to the other owner to look into it.

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