Getting redirected to suspendeddomain

So, i’m using 000webhost (free) because I can’t afford paid hosting. I was wondering how long it takes for everything to start working after I set my domain DNS to cloudfare DNS’s? Everytime I go to my domain, I get redirected to suspendeddomain. I am 100% paid up on my domain. I don’t owe anything until December.

There is absolutely no wait involved if your DNS points to the same address as before the change (or if you didn’t use the domain before)…
Cached DNS entries may bypass Cloudflare, but you would still be able to see your website.

Are you sure you entered the correct CNAME? Did you also add you domain to the website configuration?

I don’t know how to do CNAMES

Did you already use the domain for your website before adding it to Cloudflare? Or is it completely new?

If it is new, did you configure your website to use your domain in 000webshost’s settings?

Can you share a screenshot of your Cloudflare Dashboard, showing what entries you added?

I used it before on 000webhost. . There’s an entire list of stuff, when there only used to be like 4 on there. Most of them now are showing CNAME 11776 bodis com

According to How to point domain name to - Tutorials - 000webhost forum, the correct CNAME should be something like Where did you get this bodis value? Did you add the records yourself or did you use some app to do it for you?

I had the app do it for me. Not sure quite how to manually add them

I don’t know what “the app” is, but I recommend you stop it from accessing your Cloudflare account.
You can then delete all records and add yours manually.

A good start would probably be 2 CNAME records with names @ and www, both with content (replace my-name with the value you see on 000webhost when you open your site).

when I log in to Cloudfare dashboard, at the left side, I click “Websites”, then I click ADD SITE, and i enter my domain and it does it automatically for me, and that’s how I get that entire list of stuff.

I also don’t know what “all that stuff” is, as you haven’t shown a screenshot of your dashboard, but you probably want to delete it all and replace it with a CNAME record for your website.

there are like 81 entries

Based on the screenshot in the reply, that phrase is referencing the DNS scan creating an entry for every name that it checks due to a wildcard record at the previous DNS provider.

There is a Community tool that can help with bulk deletion. Take a look at both DNS Cleaner and DNS Purge.

404 - Not found

I am no idea what i’m doing, to be truthful.

I don’t know how to do any of that, i’m sorry.

You’ll want to delete all of those CNAME records first.

Then login to 000webhost and search for your websites address. That might be an IP address like you see in you A / AAAA records, but according to their tutorial, it should look like

After you have done this, post your address here and we can look at further steps.

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I deleted all those manually. As for the IP Address, I read that since i’m using a free hosting, that the IP Address changes sometimes.

I ALMOST got it. . . when i add CNAME enter, it redirects to the 000webhost subdomain.

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If you delete both the A and AAAA records, you can create a new CNAME with name @. Then should also work, not only

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