Getting rate limits errors when no rate limit has been configured

I have a worker on a business plan, that performs up to 3 sub-requests when receiving a request.
The worker can receive a lot of requests from a single source IP (hundreds per second).
Rate limiting is disabled but most of the requests are blocked due to rate limiting. Looks like only the requests performed by the worker are blocked, not the incoming requests.

This seems related to the two tickets I’ve opened on Cloudflare Help Desk. First one closed with “we can’t find the root cause”, the second one I’m still waiting for their response. Pretty annoying.

Hi @jbl,

Looks like it might be this:

That should be lifted for paid plans, as you are on Business have you raised a ticket about it?

I’ve raised a ticket about it as there shouldn’t be this kind of limit on the paid plan for workers, but no response so far (opened it 2 days ago)

What’s the ticket number?


I’ll add that to our escalation queue.


Turns out even if the documentation about limits indicates that it’s unlimited on a paid account, there are internal limits on sub-requests made by the workers (don’t know what the limit is).

The support removed the limit and now everything works as expected.

The default internal limit is set to 600 requests per minute. the 601th request on the same minute will return a 429.

Thanks for letting us know the issue, glad you got it resolved.

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