Getting rate-limited on requests

Hello everyone, after setting up Cloudflare workers and Azure functions, I am now receiving 1015 rate limiting after a couple 1000 requests, even though I have not set up Workers for that domain, but I’m getting rate limited still. I have not enabled Rate Limiting either.

Is there a way I can disable this rate limiting? It shows up in the logs that the requests are rate limited, but I have whitelisted the IPs to test if this would stop the rate limiting, which didn’t work.

Now, is there a way to get rid of the rate limiting Cloudflare provides “natively”?

EDIT: I have the pro plan, and I have also bought the Unlimited workers plan.

On the free plan you are limited to 100,000 requests a day and 1,000 requests a minute.

If you’d like to lift the limit you’d have to switch to the “Unlimited” plan.

My bad, I’m on the Pro plan with unlimited worker plan as well.

The Pro plan does not automatically come with that plan. Did you specifically purchase the Unlimited plan?

Yes, I bought the unlimited plan as well for $5 / mo

Could it be you exceed the 50 milliseconds? If not the following my apply

Cloudflare’s abuse protection methods do not affect well-intentioned traffic. However, if you send many thousands of requests per second from a small number of client IP addresses, you can inadvertently trigger Cloudflare’s abuse protection. If you expect to receive 1015 errors in response to traffic or expect your application to incur these errors, contact Cloudflare to increase your limit.

It probably is best to contact support and clarify it with them.

I also now realize that I have worded myself horribly, and that confusion has most likely arised. I don’t have an issue with workers itself, but I have an issue with Cloudflare automatically rate-limiting my requests to the domain I specified.

I don’t have any workers attached to that domain, nor have I set up any rate limiting rules.

EDIT: The thing that I’m worried about is that I will be receiving thousands of requests from a small set of server IPs, and that’s why I would like to clear out any confusion, and stop the rate-limiting. I’m creating an API service for Roblox developers, and they’re running their games on Roblox’s servers. A single IP can serve probably up to 50 games each, and each game “server” can send 500 requests per minute.

In that case you should first check out

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I’ve checked those resources, and updated my settings accordingly, but this isn’t a problem with Workers AFAIK, as I don’t have any workers for that domain. That is why I’m wondering how I can remove the rate limiting.

For the domain I’ve attached to above, I am linking it to Azure functions, but the requests are proxied through Cloudflare, not through workers I have created.

Example domain: “

That article is not Worker specific. It still might be best to contact support, they could clarify if anything Worker related got stuck or if some other protection mechanism fires on your account.

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Alright, I will reach out to Support and see what’s going on. I appreciate your efforts in helping me!

Support was really awesome (and fast), and the culprit was the apps I had installed on my website, but I didn’t think they would affect my limits, so I guess we all learn something new every day.

Thank you for assisting me!

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