Getting random Error 522

So yesterday the website was working fine. I’ve changed like 1-2 files and now I get 522 errors on random files.

I only get this error for some files.

Does Cloudflare have any problems?


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The issue is that Namecheap, where I host, just say I should clear the site cache and browser cache. However, this does not change anything.
Is there anything else I could try?

Please tell us your domain if you feel comfortable to make it public.


If you open the developer tools and go to the network tab you’ll eventually see some “Pending” requests that then go to 522 errors.

With a VPN activated I get no 522 errors, is it possible that it’s due to my network or something else?

I did not receive an error.
Read these tutorials

My friend however also has 522 error when going on the website. So can’t really be my network.

I have checked now, it loads up correctly now from my end.
Using ProtonVPN, also works from my end.

404 resource not found results for:

Also, console shows up something could be also due to the Content Security Policy?

Has fixed by himself after a few days, so all good now ^^

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