Getting phone calls after domain is registered

I have more than one domain registered with Cloudflare.
Upon registering a new .us domain, I am getting phone calls daily about marketing and web development. Sort of spam.
Most of them told me they know it has been registered using Cloudflare.
Shouldn’t whois info be private? Anything I can do to hide my identit my and stip getting these spam calls?

The .us TLD does not permit Whois Privacy.


Don’t put your real phone number on the domain registration. I’ve owned domains since before it was cool and have never included a real phone number. No one cares.

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Some people do and may file complaints with ICANN over the invalid data. Illegal activity or network abuse involving the domain tend to precipitate such reports. That may lessen the risk for registrants not engaged in such activity. Whether or not anything unpleasant follows such reports is a separate matter.

I recommend the use of a number that routes directly to voicemail, as it eliminates the possibility of a valid data inaccuracy complaint.

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This is crazy. I am getting 5-10 calls per day from agencies offering to do marketing and build websites.

Welcome to the internet. Despite the whois database terms of use explicitly prohibiting such (ab)use of the registrant data, that behavior has been the norm in that TLD for at least the two decades that it has been open for general registrations. Sadly, there isn’t anything Cloudflare can do to stop the bad behavior of unscrupulous marketers.

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I guess I can legally troll them.
I have asked for several quotations and will entertain wasting their time. I will also request unpaid prototypes


The comments on this thread are on :dart:. This came up recently with a customer that signed up for hosting near or at the time the registered a domain with cf. CF is not in the business of sharing/selling/giving your information, we lean completely the other direction and respect privacy.

But that is not true for all vendors, in particular

If there is any bright side, at least in my case the telemill callers all lost interest after a couple of days and I no longer get calls. I guess with hundreds of thousands of domains registered each day and vendors willing to sell your data as a revenue stream, there is always a fresh number to abuse call. Sorry for this experience, if you answer, tell them to remove you from their call list.

Ha! You are really way too nice, I was going to say tell them to ■■■■ and hang up. Your approach sounds more effective!

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Or perhaps take a leaf out of this man’s playbook and get yourself a premium rate phone number.


I actually thought about the premium number idea

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