Getting old site if I proxy or force https

I moved my domain from digitalocen to another server.
Created there a new site.
changed DNS from NS* to Cloudflare DNS.
If I set my dns settings to non-proxy and http then I see my new site.
As soon as I enforce HTTPS and/or Proxy the site through Cloudflare , I get the old site from digitalocean.

I tryed to Purge cache , enable development mode but nothing changed.
Can anyone help me out with this?

Hi ,

Whats the website ?

is this the site

yes but this is the old one

off proxy and and see once if the new website loads and re-on proxy after the new website loads

& Tell me if this works

did off proxy , got the new site but unsecured.
re enabled proxy , got back to the old site

but i can see a This site can’t be reached

Ok Try to remove Cloudflare on your website and re-add

Maybe Then the serer will load your new site .

same resault. I’m again on the old site…

ok then wait for any other one to respond .

You mean change DNS? put something else?
I cannot do that , the domain also has MX records with live mails on it.
I did however removed it and readded on Cloudflare.
The resaults as I said are the same.
No proxy/No SSL = new site.
Proxy/SSL = back to old.

You want to fix that first.

What about it ?
The server has (a random one ssl) and the setting is on “Flexible”.
I got more than 100 sites on Cloudflare working fine like that.
If i visit the site on the real IP addr. (and accept the fake SSL) everything works fine.
As it should.

You currently have a security issue.

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I changed it to Full (not strict since its a random ssl as I mentioned)
Same again… old site came to my browser

That’s what I meant you need to fix, your certificate.

thats not a problem as i said i got alot of sites working fine like this

Well, that’s not correct because you do not have a secured site right now and apparently all your sites are insecure. The article does adress that.

I actually did.
What I dont get its what does security has to do with what site Cloudflare is showing to the world.
old site works on ip “A”
and new site works on IP “B”

Theres nothing about the certificate here.

There are several issues. The first one you should fix is the obvious security one.