Getting occasional 504 error

I’m getting Error 504 on my site occasionally.

I’ve recently blocked access to port 80 and 443 for all IP except cloudflare IP range found here.

The server load is minimal, and the page loads again if I refresh.
This error didn’t happen when port 80 or 443 wasn’t blocked.

so can anyone please help in this regard?
How do I go about troubleshooting this?

Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


Are you still seeing the 504 issues? What is the site?

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I remove the rule in firewall.
Haven’t seen the issue since.

But I really want to keep that rule.
I don’t want anyone to access the site without using Cloudflare.

Don’t want to post the site link publicly.
Let me know if you want me to send you the website link in private message or something.

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Thank you, I just dropped you a private message and we can chat there on next steps.

Hi, was wondering if you had the time to look at it.
I’m getting this error frequently again.
although I haven’t enabled those firewall restrictions.

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