Getting notified about SSL errors

Dear Cloudflare People!

I have “Strict” end to end ssl turned on for my domain. Recently, the origin’s cert expired and thus my site started serving a Cloudflare error page. This was happening for hours and I only noticed when I went to my site and got the error.

In the future, to ensure a timely resolution, I’d love to get an email as soon as this is an issue. Is there a way to turn such a notification on?


Cloudflare offers health checks on all paid plans:

There is also Passive Origin monitoring available on Free but it is less customisable:

There are also plenty of 3rd party services that do website monitoring.


Yeah. I had Passive Origin Monitoring turned on and it didn’t alert me for this, which honestly seems like a bug.

I’m not sure on that as the origin is not ‘down’ as such. I don’t know what should and shouldn’t be alerted with that.

Yeah, I see how it’s programmed, but if it’s unreachable by my users, shouldn’t that be considered “down”?

I think this is the difference between healthchecks and origin monitoring. Healthchecks let you know if the site is not working for users as it should (assuming that’s how you configure it) but origin monitoring is about whether Cloudflare can reach your server.

I understand why you would expect to be notified in this situation but I don’t think it’s a bug.

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I see. It depends on the SSL configuration, so it’s not exactly a “Passive” check? And therefore requires $$ :laughing: Okay okay. Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not 100% on this, perhaps @bbatraski or @jpl can comment on whether this is correct and why you didn’t get notified.

If site monitoring is all you’re after then there are plenty of other places that offer free plans for that.

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Thanks for the pro-tip. Just got UptimeRobot on the job. Looks good so far!

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