Getting NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID for my to subdomain only in Chrome browser:

Need help.

The certificates were only just issued, so you may have being running your test before the cert was actually issued.

Can you open an In Private tab and try again?
Is the clock time on your computer correct?
Is your version of Chrome up to date?

Is there some sort of “Advanced” button where you can see the certificate it’s seeing? That would usually provide a clue as to what’s going on.

Are one or more of your certificates revoked, expired, or invalid?

Showing certificate is not valid:,
Here are the screenshots.

But works on Mozila FireFox

chrome up to date, time is running good, synced already twice. checked on incognito in chrome, not working, where it’s works on other browser!

Ah, that browser is bypassing Cloudflare due to some DNS lookup.

If Firefox works, then maybe Firefox is using Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and therefore getting the correct IP address.

Try setting your device to use a different DNS resolver, such as or

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Already using as my primary dns!

It’s working and showing CF certificate as a provider in FireFox:
But not in Chrome! Wired. Getting no Clue so far.

Incognito mode? Clear all data?

How long as this site been on Cloudflare?

The issues has been fixed. After I uploaded Origin Certificate to my server it’s fixed on Chrome.
N.B. I have already installed the certificate and keys from origin server section though.

this Article helps:

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