Getting nameservers changed

I sent about 6 emails to Cloudflare over the last six months about WHERE on the dashboard I can change my nameserver, I got 1 response back 3 months later. CF sent the codes, but WHERE do you physically change them?? I am so fed up with this whole process. Not everyone is tech savvy. It would be nice to talk to a real person to go step by step set up. Go Daddy does!

Cloudflare is primarily a self-service provider, even at the Enterprise level. A fair bit of technical know-how or the ability and willingness to follow basic instructions (including googling such institutions) is expected. It’s surely not for everyone.

That said, the community forum is full of knowledgeable and helpful people ready to assist you with technical issues. But as we’re not Cloudflare employers who have access to your account and past support tickets, you need to provide some basic information before we can help you.

To begin with:

  1. What is the domain name in question?
  2. Why do you want to have the nameservers changed?

Standing by for this basic information so I (or other community members) can assist you.

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