Getting my Domain ot Point Back to The Correct Webpage

Attached is a copy of 2 screenshots. The top one shows how my DNS records for a CNAME / App. is set up and it needs to point to the correct website (this is a login page for a GoHighLevel account). The bottom one is the error page I get when I try to go to ( is my main account).

Any suggestions on what to do?

Since it is a bit hard to see the CNAME is set up as follows: modified 3 hours ago

CNAME app DNS only Auto

You correctly have the DNS record set to “DNS only”. As you are CNAMEing across to Go High Level, who use Cloudflare for SaaS, this should work. I suggest to check with Go High Level to ensure the settings are correct at their side for your domain.

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Thank you. I am working with Go High Level and they are checking (I’m locked out of the system) and GHL has had me delete the DNS record twice now and reset it up so I’m guessing it is on their side.

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