Getting message that I am robot

I have used Cloudflare nameserver for my website. Within 24 hours, most of the visitors and I started getting Captcha with a message that “our system thinks you might be a robot”. Time on my website dropped drastically as most visitors didn’t fill it.
When I logged into my WordPress account I also got the same message. After every update, I got this message and within an hour I was locked out of my account.
I reduced the security to a minimum to counter this but nothing changed. Finally, I changed the nameserver and all the problems of Captcha gone.
I would like to used Cloudflare but don’t know how to handle and solve this issue.
Enclosing the screenshot of the message. (I changed the cookies option also but nothing worked for me)

That does not seem to be a Cloudflare message.

But I got this message when I was with cloudflare.

That screen doesnt have the typical Cloudflare design. That can be easily a service of your host or your site or similar.

Whats the URL?

I checked with host and they confirmed that there is nothing from there side.
URL was

But this problem happened only when I pointed towards cloudflare and it vanished as soon as I reverted to my old nameserver.

  1. That is not your URL.
  2. “.well-known” is not Cloudflare. That really is something related to your site.

Possibly your site shows that page as all requests go via Cloudflare now and come from similar IP addresses. Thats something you need to clarify with your host.

Maybe you didnt restore the client IP addresses, use the search here for more details on that.

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I second this. Though I’ve not seen a host do this before. Usually they just rate limit/block. It would be nice if your host would either Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses, or restore visitor IP addresses.

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