Getting Lots of @font-face tags after enrolling in Cloudflare APO

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Getting Lots of @font-face tags after enrolling in Cloudflare APO,2000-2500 lines of my HTML source code is filled with Google Optimization Fonts tags making the google bot harder to crawl my website and Degrading my SEO performance


I think this is not from APO.

The style tag with all these millions of @font-faces does have the ID id="rinbuild-google-fonts-css" which refers to the Theme RinBuild which you are using in version 2.1. So I am pretty sure this comes from your Theme, not from APO.

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I have exact same theme and plugins installed into my localhost server (xampp), so in that HTML source code @font-face are placed into an external link and is been executed from that link rather than guttering into the main source code
local host html source code

update: just found that in my local HTML source code link attribute is used and in my online website HTML source code style id attribute is used !! :face_with_monocle:

I have disabled the option of Cloudflare APO and the problem that I was facing is fixed. but still, I have a question why Cloudflare APO was showing my fonts in HTML source code???

Fill out the apo survey, let them know. I think they gathering info for a new version fingers crossed.

can you plz share the link!! :smile:

Found it:

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Sorry for the delayed response.

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