Getting logs without CF Enterprise

Hello everyone,

our setup involves all traffic to be going through a proxy and Cloudflare until it reaches the shop system. However, some of the API calls after payments are completed do not reach the shop system, thus failing. Our suspicion is that data is lost at Cloudflare, however without logs we can’t verify this. Is there a way to get logs as Cloudflare Business user without upgrading to Enterprise (or is it possible to temporarily upgrade to Enterprise only)? Is there a way to pay for logs?


You can look at the security logs to see if you can find the reason for any requests getting blocked by the WAF.

As a Business customer you have access to Instant Logs so you can view logs for HTTP requests (although more datasets are coming) in the dashboard in real time or via CLI:

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Thank you sjr and simon. Will have a look at the security logs.

Unfortunately Instant Logs aren’t going to help us, as the error occurs perhaps twice a week and we don’t know when it will happen. There can be weeks without an error, there can be weeks with multiple.

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