Getting JavsScript Challange Bot Fight Mode issue with API call from AWS server

My api calls which are triggering from AWS server are blocking by firewall and getting JavsScript Challange Bot Fight Mode in firewall overview. But the same API is working if the requested server is not AWS server like DigitalOcean.
I have confirm this issue by looking into firewall overview data. The calls that has ASN: AS16509 AMAZON-02 are blocking but passing if the ASN: AS14061 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN

Please suggest the solution for this

Does this have a static IP? If yes, you can allow the IP inside IP Access Rules to skip Bot Fight Mode check.

That’s because Bot Fight Mode does not stop traffic from DigitalOcean.

There may be varius IP addresses from AWS server. Please suggest the way to allow this from AWS as well as it works with DigitalOcean

This is the suggestion.

There may be many IP addresses and it is not possible to add every IP address in the rule. So please know me the way or any rule to allow aws servers

If IP whitelisting is not suitable, then the only option is to disable Bot Fight Mode. This is a known issue that has been discussed many times in this forum.

Ok. Thank you for the suggestion

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